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05-Feb-2011: Alpha-4 with improved Visual Grammar Editor is now available. Now you can generate working html sample against your grammar.

*Alpha-3 with Visual Grammar Editor is now available.

Checkout live simple demo 1, demo 2, and demo with UIHelper js

Read the documentation for more details.

Project Description
A JavaScript library to enable intellisense based on a grammar. Example:
Sentence -> Greeting | Command
Greeting -> "hello" Name
Name -> string
Command -> "execute " commandName
commandName -> "test" | "build" | "verify"
Then users will be guided with suggestions as they type

This library is for those who wants their users to type some kind of query or sentence in textboxes (in a web-page) & guide them with intellisense. Please refer to project documentation for more details.

For any suggestions, drop in a email to me at with subject line starting "GrammarIntelliForJs: ". I'll more than happy to help you out.

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