05-Feb-2011 In visualEditor, now you can generate working html sample against your grammar. See the screen-shot below on how. This instruction is also available in the first-time-guide screen when you launch VisualEditor.

Visual Grammar Editor lets you define your patterns visually. Once done, you click a button to generate JavaScript code that uses the GIMachine model to define your grammar.

Here's few snap to help you know more about it:







Some notes:
  1. There can be more than one Start Node, All patterns starting from Start-Nodes will be "OR"ed into the machine
  2. Nodes are move-able, so you can pretty much move them around
  3. You can save your visual grammar state into a file (give any extension)
  4. Visual Editor is a general graph designer, the Javascript code generation is actually done via a XSLT transformation. Given a graph design, you can write your own custom XSLT to transform the visual grammar into code of your interest.
    1. Write custom XSLT and dump it into the folder containing the visual editor exe. You can refer to the existing JavaScript.xslt for example.

What's coming in next release:
  1. Fix the border high light issue
  2. Allowing a node to self-reference itself
  3. UI enhancement
  4. Incorporate user feedbacks

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